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Car Wash Services

AutoRestyle is a company that offers car wash services in New Delhi. They provide a range of car detailing services that aim to enhance the appearance and condition of vehicles. Some of their car wash services include:

Exterior wash: This includes a thorough cleaning of the car’s exterior using high-pressure water jets, quality car shampoo, and microfiber towels. They also clean the wheels and tires to remove brake dust and grime.

Interior detailing: This service involves cleaning the car’s interior using a combination of steam cleaning, vacuuming, and upholstery cleaning to remove dirt, stains, and odors. They also apply protectants to leather seats and dashboard surfaces to keep them looking new.

Engine bay detailing: AutoRestyle offers engine detailing services to clean the engine compartment, remove dirt, grime, and oil residues, and make it look like new.

Ceramic coating: This service offers long-term protection to the car’s exterior by applying a ceramic coating that creates a barrier between the car’s paint and environmental contaminants.

Paint correction: AutoRestyle uses advanced techniques to remove scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections from the car’s paintwork, restoring it to its original condition.

AutoRestyle offers customized car detailing packages to cater to different budgets and needs. They also offer mobile car detailing services, making it convenient for customers who want their cars cleaned at their doorstep.

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Expert Professionals

Detailing services are executed by a team of highly trained and experienced detailing professionals..

Quality Work

We assure our customers of the quality in our job right from inspection to the last step of detailing & Satisfaction.


We’re fully transparent with our services, our customers can witness the entire detailing process of their cars.

Affordable Packages

We offer packages which can be modified as per our customers’ and their vehicles’ requirements